Launch of Palm Pre

Launch of Palm Pre

Palm has been around for along time, but till date has not taken advantage of launching new cell devices, until now with their new Palm Pre.

Palm has been around for along time, but has not really taken advantage of the cell phone industry till now. After their announcement in January at CES Palm finally launched the Palm Pre. If you are a Palm customer then you probably will like the Pre.

The best feature on the phone is its display. The Icons and graphics are wonderful and even with the sun shining on the screen you can still see it. It is a touch screen which is a great feature and since Apple launched the Iphone it is becoming more and more popular.

The clarity of the phone when making or receiving a phone call is very clear and crisp. You should have no trouble at all hearing with this device, even at half volume.

The ringer loudness on the other hand is not very loud even all the way up, so in a noisy place you might very well miss some calls. To fix this issue Palm made sure they had the best vibrate alert on the block at the moment. If you cant hear the ringer I guarantee you wont be able to miss the vibration.

The battery life on the Pre is not so great. With the use of webOS it seems to drain the battery quickly and if you are the Internet or taking pictures or making calls then it wont take you long to drain the thing. If you change your email alerts to every half hour instead of every fifteen minutes this will help, also be sure to sign out of your IM service because if you don’t that will also keep sending alerts and battery life will be less.You can charge your Pre from any PC which is good so be sure to carry along the phone charger. This is a small device so there should be no issues.

Like other smart phones the Pre can sync easily to  i tunes and you can download your favorite music. The camera in the phone is a 3  mega pixal and does have a flash but there is no auto focus. This camera is a fast one though and it is being said one of the fastest till date on a cell phone.

The cons for this new phone is that it is 8 GB without any expandable memory. The hardware may seem a bit chincy and webOS is not as user friendly as some other software but if your willing to give this new phone a chance I am sure you will not be disappointed.

I also hope this is just the beginning for Palm launching new devices. It has been along time coming but now that they are on the band wagon I do hope they run with it.

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